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Based in Prague, international touring and recording violinist Pavel Cingl began his classical training at age six in his hometown of Teplice in the former Czechoslovakia.

As a teenager Pavel was the founder, singer and guitarist in legendary Czech punk rock band Ineptus, who were banned by the Czechoslovak Communist Party for being "negative and anti-social" Pavel then joined forces with songwriter Ivan Hlas to form the group Nahlas ("Too Loud"), who enjoyed wide popularity throughout the Czech Republic. In 1992, Cingl teamed with American singer/guitarist/songwriter Brad Stratton; with Australian Grahame Ryan, they formed the Snake Eaters. In 1997 Pavel, joined popular gothic rock band Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross, with whom he contributed guitar and electric mandolin as well as violin. Since 2005 he also played in a duo with Phil Shoenfelt, which was promoted as "Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl".

Pavel is currently a member of popular Prague bands Sladky Konec and Jull Dajen. Pavel also records and tours regularly with eclectic New York songwriter Lorraine Leckie & Her Demons, with Oslo-based rock songwriter Mark Steiner & His Problems as well as with Canadian project  Ronley Teper´s Lipliners.

Pavel's touring and recording credits include contributions to over 40 albums and countless live performances, as well considerable work in film, tv and the theatre, in the Czech Republic and abroad. As a touring musician, Pavel has performed extensively throughout Europe and North America.



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